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Transponder scoring for motocross

RFID Products

Passive RFID Sticker Tags

These tags do not require a battery; instead, they are powered by the antenna signal when they pass beneath the finish line arch.

Active RFID Tags

These tags are battery-powered and designed for use in high-metal environments, such as racing with cars, karts, UTVs, trucks, and more.

RaceReady MX Transponder

Simple & Effective

Passive RFID technology provides a cost-effective and efficient solution for motocross and racing events. Its simplicity allows for easy application to vehicles, enhancing the ability to manage races effectively. The technology supports high-speed timing up to 60 mph and integrates seamlessly with additional systems like GPS for enriched tracking and performance data.

Manage & Track Racers

The adaptability of passive RFID tags facilitates improved race management, streamlining event organization, and offering real-time scoring for spectators without impeding the racers’ speed or concentration.

RaceReady MX Transponder

RaceReady Rechargeable Transponder Solutions

Designed for environments with high metal content, making them ideal for kart racing, hill climbing, and car and truck racing. Also suitable for motocross and various other off-road racing activities.


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