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Race day has never been easier. Learn why promoters
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Promoters Across The Country Are Using RaceReady

State Champ Live Timing

The Next Generation of
Live Timing and Event Software

With input from top race promoters nationwide, RaceReady was developed to meet the needs of today’s promoters, addressing the limitations of previous race day software.

Now, promoters of any size can offer their racers fast and accurate transponder scoring.

Our user-friendly race management system enables anyone with basic computer skills to effortlessly organize an event from beginning to end. From registration to results, we’ve got you covered.

Fast & Accurate Transponder Scoring Made Affordable

We want to make it easy for grassroots event organizers to use advanced live timing and automated scoring. We do this by cutting down your initial costs. Once you’re part of our system, we follow a Pay-Per-Use model. When you use our system to score a race, we only ask for a small fee per entry.

RFID Transponders High-Speed Motocross:

Affordable, Accurate, and Reliable

Yes, our “transponder” is an RFID sticker placed under the rider’s helmet visor. They are cheaper than battery-powered transponders and just as accurate.

Our system easily reads over 50 transponders at 100 mph and the tags can last as long as the visor does. One tag covers the whole season and works with multiple helmets.

Forget any doubts about RFID systems in high-speed motocross. We’ve thoroughly tested the latest RFID technology with promoters, leading us to where we are now.

Rechargeable Transponder Solutions

If You Can Race It, We Can Score It.

Designed for environments with high metal content, making them ideal for kart racing, hill climbing, and car and truck racing. Also suitable for motocross and various other off-road racing activities.

Learn More About Event Creation,
Management and Scoring With RaceReady.

Are You Race Ready?

Effortlessly organize events with simple registration, streamline race day management and scoring, and track essential data for post-race reports.

Pre-Race: Event
Creation & Registration

Creating events and enabling online registration is quick and effortless. Duplicate events easily. Registrations sync automatically, eliminating manual data entry. Efficient check-in process on race day. 

Race Day: Event
Management & Scoring

Select a 1, 2, or 3 moto format or configure heats, lcq’s, and a main event lineup. When combining multiple classes, racers are sorted automatically. Our scoring interface enables fast edits and swift entry of lap sheet results. RaceReady provides detailed reports for managing your event.

Post Race: Event
Results & Pointkeeping

Print race results instantly. Detailed online publication includes positions, points, and lap times. Effortlessly export compatible results for AMA/Trackside. Saved settings ensure automatic points updates. 

Reviews From Our Partners

See what separates us from the rest!

“We are very excited to be able to use @racereadylivetiming and offer more for our riders. Love seeing the wonderful advancement in technology in the MX world!! Plus you can’t beat their customer service!!”

Swan MX Park

Sarah Clingfost Swan MX

“The decision to switch to RaceReady was the best thing we’ve done in 23 years of our Series existence… You will never regret it. Our attendance drastically improved and our riders love it”

SoCal Mx Series

Debbie Evans SoCal MX 


Upgrade your motocross race management with RaceReady. Experience the ease and precision of our system. Be a part of the motocross revolution today. Reach out to us now and begin your journey!

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