Dream Extreme Racing Series 

Lake Elsinore Motorsports Park

Class List

50cc (4 – 6) yrs 10inch
50cc (7 – 8) yrs 12inch
50cc (4 – 8) yrs OPEN
50cc (4 – 6) yrs Cobra / KTM ONLY
50cc (7 – 8) yrs Cobra / KTM ONLY
50cc (4 – 8)yrs Cobra / KTM ONLY
E bikes (4 – 6) yrs
E bikes (4 – 8) yrs
PW-50 (4 – 6) yrs
PW-50 (4 – 8) OPEN

65cc (7 – 9) Beginner
65cc (10 – 11) Beginner
65cc (7 – 9) Intermediate
65cc (10 – 11) Intermediate
65cc (7 – 9) Advance
65cc (10 – 11) Advance
85cc (7 – 9) Beginner
85cc (7 – 9) Intermediate
85cc (7 – 9) Advance
85cc (10 – 11) Beginner
85cc (10 – 11) Intermediate
85cc (10 – 11) Advance
85cc (14 – 16) Beginner
85cc (14 – 16) Intermediate
85cc (14 – 16) Advance

SchoolBoy 1 (12 – 17)
SchoolBoy 2 (12 – 17)
Girl Junior (9 – 12) 59cc-85cc 2-Stroke ONLY
GIrls Junior (12 – 18) 125cc-250cc
Girl Senior (12 – 17) 79cc-112cc 2-Stroke ONLY
125cc Beginner
250cc Beginner
450cc Beginner OPEN
125cc Intermediate
250cc Intermediate
450cc Intermediate OPEN
Open (250cc)
Open (450cc)
Girls Senior (12yrs-17yrs) 79cc-150cc 4-Stroke
125cc OPEN


Step #1 Create Your RaceReady Account


Enter Basic Info

If you are a parent registering your children, select “Parent/Guardian” instead of Rider/Racer. You will be able to add all of your children under one account. 

Enter Contact Info

Complete Profile

Add a profile photo for the live timing screen, your bike details (VIN not required), and your sponsors.

That’s it! After this, you will have a RaceReady account and can register for the event. 

Step #2: Register For The Event

Step #1

Find the event “Dream Exrteme Racing Stuck In A Rut” in the event dashboard, or click the link at the end of these steps to go to the event registration page.

Step #2

Read all of the event information on the front page carefully as there is important information that cannot be missed. Then at the bottom of the page click the Register button.

Step #3

Select the riders that you wish to register by checking the box in the top right hand corner of each rider. 

Step #4

For each rider, click add classes. When the class list pops up, click the down arrow next to the Category name to show all the classes. Select the classes you wish to register for by checking the box on the right hand side of the class name then click the Add Classes button. After that, make sure you have the correct bike selected for each class, then click next. 

Step #5

On this next page, you will have the option to purchase camping for 1 or 2 nights. Then, you will have to add 1 Timing and Scoring Fee for each one of the racers that you are registering. This is required. You will also need to purchase a RaceReady transponder for each racer if you do not already have one. Once you have one, you will not need to purchase another unless yours gets lost or damaged. 

Step #6

Click “View Image” to view the waiver, then click the check box to agree to the terms and then click next. 

Step #7

On the review page you will be able to see everything that you are registering for along with any extras. Then you will have the option to purchase Spot Injury Insurance for the event. 

Step #8

Scroll to the bottom of the page and you will be able to enter a credit card and complete your registration! You will be sent a confirmation email shortly after, and you will be ready to race!

Register Now 

Click the link below to go to the registration page. 

What To Expect On Race Day 

On Race Day, you will arrive at the track and need to stop by the registration office to check in. Here, they will confirm all your information and give you your transponder if you purchased one. You should put your transponder on your helmet before going out for practice. Instructions for applying your transponder can be found below. 

Live Timing Information

Your event should have live scoring that you can view on your phone. If you are experiencing a time lag, or having issues loading it is most likely an issue with the on-site internet and not the RaceReady system. Refresh the page and be patient! 

When viewing live timing or event results on your phone, remember that these scores are unofficial until your race promoter reviews them. Please go to the registration office to view official results.