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If you’ve grown up around amateur racing, you know not much has changed in the past 20 years. We are still using paper forms to sign up,  megaphones to conduct riders meeting, and outdated software to manually enter race results.

Race mornings can be hectic with registration and data entry, often delaying the start of the event. Afternoons can be filled with confusion about the schedule and what race is up next.

At the completion of the days’ events, racers impatiently wait for final results to be posted and trophies to be handed out.

Meanwhile, the technology around us has advanced by leaps and bounds , from the machines we ride, to the gear we wear.  Factory riders do not show up to the races with outdated technology,  and we believe race promoters shouldn’t either.  

At RaceReady, our goal is to revolutionize the world of amateur racing both the promoter and  rider. We’ve created the world’s first all-in-one software platform that empowers race promoters, of ANY SIZE, to deliver a factory level experience to the amateur racer.  From pre-event tools such as online registration, to race day management with live timing and scoring. We’ve worked alongside top amateur race promoters to bring you the ultimate collection of event management tools.

Because RaceReady is a game changer for the racer, it’s important to us that promoters of any size can afford it.  Our simple, pay as you go platform, eliminates upfront costs & out of pocket expense for you, the promoter. So, the question shifts from, “Can I afford live timing?”to “Can I afford NOT to use RaceReady”. 


We know racing

Greg Call, Founder and CEO

A life-long motocross rider, Greg realized one day that most race events were broken. Plus, he knew riders sometimes struggle to get sponsors. As an experienced entrepreneur, Greg knew that he could create a solution to fix the sport he loves—one that would work for every level of rider and every level of promoter, and in nearly any racing sport.

To Greg, RaceReady is more than a business—it’s a passion.

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